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Rosalinda C. Ong

Rosalinda C. Ong, fondly known as “Rosie” to her colleagues and clients, began her journey as an advocate of the immigration process when she immigrated to Canada from the Philippines in September of 1979.

In 1980, Ms. Ong started working with Immigration Law Specialist Cecil L. Rotenberg, Q.C. as his Personal Assistant in his law office.  In her role, she met with prospective clients, discussed immigration problems with current clients and assisted with the problem solving aspects of Mr. Rotenberg’s meetings. She also took on the responsibility of meeting with prospective agents, who would represent clients in their home country. Ms. Ong served as a liaison between these agents and Mr. Rotenberg, which allowed her to demonstrate her abilities in making joint ventures in the field of immigration law both productive and successful.  She further showcased her abilities by expanding her horizons in her field of expertise. Ms. Ong opened an immigration consultancy office in Manila to cater to the needs of clients, who expressed a desire to immigrate to Canada. In the span of 15 years, Ms. Ong traveled to the Philippines every two months to meet with clients.  Currently, she travels to the Philippines on a quarterly basis and to other countries on an as-needed basis.  Over the years, she has succeeded in setting up joint ventures with consultants from countries, such as Iran, Ukraine, Serbia and Montenegro, Taiwan and China.

In July 2002, Miss Ong decided to go out on her own and set up her operation in Richmond Hill, Ontario which she has still to date. In September of 2002, certain people from Manila approached Miss Ong to help set up an immigration consultancy in Manila and Tarlac using her name as she had more than 20 years of exposure with clients from the Philippines. In this endeavor, she has again associated with Mr. Rotenberg and look forward to a continuation of the success they have shared in joint ventures over the past 23 years. Joining them is the prolific Inna Kogan, B.A., LL.B., who is a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada and the Canada Bar Association. With the help of Mr. Rotenberg and Ms. Kogan, Ms. Ong looks forward to the very bright continuation of her journey as an advocate of immigration to Canada, and her role as a ray of hope to people with dreams of immigrating to Canada someday.







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